Florian Engelhardt

Florian Engelhardt

🐘 PHP Enthusiast && proud Geek

Hello there 👋

My name is Florian. I am married with five kids and I like to play table tennis 🏓, table football , chess ♟️ and MTG.

I started writing small software on an IBM PS/2 30 286 in GW-BASIC back in 1993, throughout the 90s I learned HTML, JavaScript, Perl, C and a bit of Assembler. It was September 2000 when I was introduced to PHP and I thought nobody would ever need it, but boy I was wrong.

I build my career on PHP, worked as a PHP Developer, Software Architect, Technical Consultant and I even co-founded a software agency helping customers to build their E-Commerce systems based on PHP.

In my spare time (and with five kids you do not have that much of it), I work on various open-source PHP projects and every now and then I write blog posts and give talks about anything PHP.

Blog Posts

I am hosting my blog posts over at dev.to


You can also find me at PHP user groups and conferences giving talks